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Quick Sales Job Search

SaleStart's Featured Candidate

Do you want a winner of multiple President's Club and Salesman of the Quarter awards on your sales team? We thought so! One of our top candidates has spent the last 4 years at one of the biggest names in corporate service technologies. He consistently ranks in the top 10% of sales representatives and consistently surpasses million dollar quotas each year. With 13 years of sales experience, this candidate would be an asset to any organization looking for a highly motivated sales professional to add immediate value to their sales team!

SaleStart Testimonials

"After a frustrating and confusing job-search, I met with SaleStart and they made the process easy and straight forward."

- Keith L.

Recruiting Agency

Focus On Sales

If you are looking to advance your career in the sales industry, then SaleStart
is the recruiting agency for you. Our company charter is to help novice to
top-notch sales professionals find the rewarding and challenging career
opportunities they desire. As such, we have the best sales jobs available collected
from around the United States.

Proactive Recruiting

We meet with prospective candidates before we have a job request in hand. Unlike our
competitors who just look to fill positions, we take the time to really get to know our candidates and fully understand their professional aspirations. Doing so allows us to better pinpoint the job opportunities that are worth pursuing.

Strategic Alliances

At SaleStart, we don't just fill open positions. We stay engaged with our clients, working with them to develop and enhance the productivity of their sales teams. Our unique approach allows us to form strategic alliances with many of the best employers. Therefore, when clients need sales professionals that deliver, they know to come to SaleStart. And that means greater opportunities for you.

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